Like you don’t have enough animals already?

Mike and I have three cats, Tigger (Tigs), Carmella (Carmie), and Bill. Before moving in together and getting married, the first two were mine and Bill was Mike’s. Since moving in, Bill has slept on my side of the bed. I’m a little more quiet and gentle when I pet the cats. Mike’s style of affection is more agressive… the cats tend to hang out with me most of the time. Mike was feeling a little neglected. So, during our engagement, Mike mentioned/hinted/told me he wanted a dog.

I never grew up with dogs and was attacked twice (two separate times) and then chased by a random dog at one point (it was terrifying – I was young). So, I wasn’t warmed up to the idea, but understood his feelings of wanting an animal to pay attention to him.

My mind changed on a dime (no bribe necessary)

Usually, our family decisions are first brought up by Mike, then I don’t like it, then I agree – and then get way too excited about it – like the decision needs to happen…now! A few weeks after we got back from our honeymoon, I decided our family needed a dog. I looked at all the adoption websites and found Trudy at Adopt-a-Pet. Adopt-a-Pet is the organization I adopted Carmie from! They don’t have a physical location and rely on foster families for all their animals. It’s a pretty awesome thing. When I saw Trudy’s photo, she was so small and had the cutest face – I really wanted to meet her.

We got stood up – by a puppy…

The next Tuesday night, we went to an Adopt-a-Pet meet and greet at Petco. She wasn’t there (her foster family was out of town). So I called the dog hotline and sent an email. A couple days later, I was contacted by Trudy’s foster mom and we set up a date.


On September 6, we met Trudy and decided to start a two week trial. At first, we didn’t want to get too connected because “what if it didn’t work out?”… and then we’d get our hearts broken. She wasn’t listening very well… we just didn’t know. Mike’s brother and his girlfriend came over one night, brought us a clicker, and showed us how to train her. They talked to us a little bit and it maked sense! How is she supposed to bond with us if we were nervous about it not working? It was an “ah-ha” moment.

Throughout the next couple days, we studied and learned a lot about being puppy parents and she started listening and bonding with us.

So… can we keep her?

We’re coming up on our two week mark and have decided we want to adopt Trudy! So far, we got her a new collar, name tag, leash, and slow bowl (she snarfs food a little too quickly). We are so excited to complete our family of pets!

Family bonding time

Last Sunday, Trudy met her cousins and aunt (Mike’s brother/brother’s girlfriend’s dogs, Khloei and Lakely, and Mike’s parent’s dog, Otter). They were so good to her at the dog park. She was officially accepted into the family pack.

What next?

Mike will take Trudy to the vet tomorrow for a distempor shot and heart worm prevention pill. Soon, she’ll be an official member of the Peterson family!

Welcome to the family, lil pup!

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  1. Eme & Dad
    September 17, 2014

    We’re happy for you and Trudy! We felt an extra special bond of affection for Lula when we rescued her from the cage at the Humane Society. We welcome Trudy to the family! She’s a lucky girl to be with such a loving family.

  2. Margot Peterson
    September 17, 2014

    Thanks you guys!! We’re really excited to have her be a Peterson. She is the sweetest (especially when she’s tired and wants to cuddle). :D

  3. Margot Peterson:A Very Peterson Christmas! – Margot Peterson
    September 17, 2014

    […] Adopted Trudy Peterson! […]

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