Mike and I had an at home date night tonight. We made dinner and then took out Table Topics: Couple’s Edition (special thanks to Aunt Val & Uncle Bruce for the wedding gift!) and went through a bunch of the questions. Here are a few highlights:

A: Schmidt, Jess & Nick (characters from New Girl. We were going to choose the whole cast, but there wouldn’t be room), Charlie Sheen (his character from 2 and a half men – which is basically himself. This was Mike’s pick), and Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel.
A: Mike knows mine since I only had one job in my teens: Yankee Candle. I knew Mike worked at Bennigans, Rigel’s, Concordia, and did congrete, but didn’t know he also washed cars at a used car place. Learn something new every day!
A: (In unison) “Save it.” hahaha For real though. Or a downpayment on a nice new house and then save some. Or a downpayment on some houses we could rent out and save some… lots of saving. Adulthood.
A: Put our money together (workin’ on it), finish the  bathroom (so close! Just trim and a cabinet left), train Trudy (currently happening), take a vacation. This is four things. Rebels.
A: Figure out your own stuff first. Mike had some stuff figured out and helped me get some of my life together. We’re not saying people should be completely established before getting into a relationship though. If you have a sense of self before getting into a relationship, you’re on the right track!


Now we’re going to watch some TV and maybe go to bed early. Fridays. We’re tired.

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