So this is a little late to my blog (especially with so many of our wedding posts lately). Here’s a not-so-brief note about how amazing my maids of honor were, my awesome friends, and how much fun I had at my bachelorette party! The party was held at one of my MOH’s parent’s house in the cities. We had drinks, played games, got in the pool, played more games, opened gifts, got ready, had an awesome dinner, and went to uptown. It was absolutely perfect.

I want to brag a bit here and let every know I have the most amazing friends in the whole world! I don’t tend to hang out with huge groups of girls but rather like to have one-on-one friendships. I think they’re a little more meaningful and it’s just been my MO for awhile. This doesn’t mean I dislike getting together with my friends at once though. Just means after college, most of my friendships have been fewer in numbers but very meaningful.

So, at my bachelorette party, some of my friends were meeting each other for the first time! I wasn’t really nervous about it, but I can imagine how my MOHs felt – you never know what might happen when a group of girls comes together. I’m so happy to report the whole weekend went incredibly well! Everyone got along and had a really good time together (it’s because my friends rock)!

Huge thanks to everyone who came and to my two maids of honors who put in so much time, thought, and love to make my bachelorette party filled with so many good memories!

We asked everyone to use #mglitzparty during the event! Something went funky with Storify, so I can’t pick up the photos from Facebook, but here’s what it collected! Thanks again to all my amazing friends for the best girls weekend ever!

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