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As I get older, I find it more difficult to pick out presents for friends and family I know they’ll actually use. Yes, some presents they will like, but will they actually use it or is it just taking up space? When we’re young we get to write Christmas wish lists, birthday wish lists, etc… and straight up tell our parents what we want. Sometime around adulthood, wish lists become awkward or may even seem greedy (except for wedding and baby registeries).

Before I got married, I thought registeries were a little weird because you already know the stuff you’re getting. When I got married, it was the coolest thing ever. Although I know what I asked for, getting exactly what I wanted was just as exciting as Christmas day when I was little – pretty awesome.

Some may argue it’s not the gift, it’s the thought that counts. I absolutely agree. It definitely takes a lot of thought into giving the perfect gift. Some people have the gift of finding perfect gifts. I have no idea how they do it and  I’m pretty jealous of their skills. For those of us without that talent, gift giving can be a shot in the dark. So, why not have “registeries” aka wish lists for everything else in life?

How do we go about asking for specific things without sounding greedy or awkward? I have no idea… but here I go.

For family or friends in my life who are feeling stressed about what to give me for Christmas (if you feel like giving me a gift), let me help you out. Here’s my awkward way of saying… this is my wish list (in alphabetical order):

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– Margot

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