It’s becoming more and more possible we may not have a 2014 Christmas Card out in time (especially since we’re still working on Thank Yous from August… – they’re coming – promise!). So, in case that’s the case, here’s a brief update on our lives this year.

Things the Petersons did in 2014

Here are the things you probably know…

  1. Got married! 
  2. Went to Mexico! (I’ll blog about it soon – I promise)
  3. Adopted Trudy Peterson! (some background about Trudy)

Here are some things you may not know…

  1. Mike is still enjoying his Tech 2 position at Goldmark. He helps train in new techs at his sites. He’s super good at it! He’s the go-to guy for helping people figure out how to fix washers and dryers, drywall, and a bunch of other super technical and skilled work I have no clue how to do.
  2. I got a new job at Sanford Health (technically, started Dec. 30 of 2013, but we’ll count it for this year). I’m the Internal Comm. Strategist for the Fargo region. I recommend internal tactics for our marketing campaigns to reach our employees (all 9,600 in the Fargo region & sometimes all 26,000 enterprise wide). I love it!
  3. Mike re-did our bathroom! What started as a small fix in our shower ended up being a complete overhaul. Here’s some of the things he did: knocked out plaster walls and replacing with sheet rock, smashed the old cast iron tub and replaced with a new one and new surround, took out a window and covered with new siding, and put in a new vanity, toilet, and cabinet… it’s all brand new! It’s so awesome and he did a great job!
  4. I’m partnering with a couple friends and am working on a start-up called Tellwell (cough-shameless We’re helping businesses with social media strategy, content, and execution. We have a great team of talented, smart, and driven people and I look forward to see where it takes us.
  5. Mike’s parents surprised us by redoing our screen porch and landscaping this summer!
  6. My mom visited a bunch of times to help with wedding planning & my dad and Eme came up early for the wedding to help!

Other than planning our wedding, going to friends’ weddings, having some major changes in work and life… 2014 was pretty uneventful! Just kidding. We’re so grateful for everyone who celebrated our small events and our big events this year. We love you all and can’t wait to see what next year has in store!

Merry Christmas!


The Petersons

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