Some of you may know I started a quasi business two years ago called Beluga Social. I did a lot of speaking/presenting and helped some non-profits and small businesses with social media and digitial marketing. It was fun to present and help people, but I didn’t really have a business plan and wasn’t able to take on many clients due to a lot of different factors (wedding planning, time, everything involved – websites, social, content writing, graphic design skillz, etc…). It was difficult to keep projects going and feel like I made a significant difference with the organizations I worked with. It wasn’t a complete flop. I made a lot of great connections and enjoyed doing what I could to help.

A few months ago, a good friend approached me with a business idea similar to Beluga Social called Tellwell.

What makes it different from Beluga Social? We have a plan and we have a team. There are three co-founders, myself included, and we’re collaborating with some other awesome people to put together a dream team for our clients. I won’t go into a huge detailed account of how cool it is and what we can do, because I’d basically be copy-pasting the website. Make sure to check it out if you’re interested to learn more!

It’s going to be a fun new adventure.


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