Trudy ate my glasses.

So, I went to Sanford Optical because they’re having a sale and narrowed my options to two. 80s fun/nerdy vs. Professional/pretty:
Glasses Options

I posted the photo Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and texted a few close people for votes. Here are the results:

80s Fun/Nerdy

The debate

I wear contacts most days, and glasses are for days when I don’t have work meetings, after work, and during the day on the weekends. The 80s ones are kind of ironic, funny, and out there.  The black wire ones are good for my face and are overall more normal.

I really appreciate everyone’s votes!

The decision

On my way to Sanford Optical during lunch, I decided to get the black glasses!

When I got there, I tried them on and they were snug around my face. They fit really well with my eyes, but the ear parts started to hurt. One of the guys working there bent the ear pieces, but it was still uncomfortable. I think it had something to do with the wire part too. I tried on the purple/yellow plastic ones again and they were really comfortable. So… after a lot of back and forth, I ordered the 80s purple/yellow ones!

Thanks to the Sanford Profile employee who told me the purple ones were really cute, too! That helped :)
New Glasses

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