Cardboard Letter DIY

For Christmas, I wanted to make a cardboard letter wreath to hang on our front door. My goal was to keep it under $25 bucks – mission accomplished! I went to JoAnn Fabrics and had a 60% off coupon and bought everything I needed for $14 bucks (ok, so I had a glue gun, glue sticks, and scissors at home – so technically, it might have cost more than that). Anyway, it was relatively inexpensive and has made our home so festive for Christmas.

After it was finished, I put it on the mantel to keep it away from the cats and dog (see Bill’s tail in the photo? He “helped” with the ribbon). It looked so good on the mantel, I ended up keeping it there instead of hanging it on the front door.

You can use these DIY steps for a Christmas inspired cardboard letter wreath or for any holiday you want! Just use another color of ribbon and add any accessories you’d like. Here’s the supplies I used for this DIY letter wreath:

Cardboard Letter DIY Wreath


  • Large cardboard letter
  • Wide ribbon with wire on the edges.
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue for the glue gun
  • Scizzors
  • Clip-on fake poinsettia flower

How to make a Cardboard Letter DIY Wreath

  1. Depending on the cardboard letter you have, determine where you’d like to start wrapping (an L is a little easier than a “B” or “H” for example. Figure this out by where you’d like to end and then find out how to get there in the easiest wrapping path.
  2. At the starting point, hot glue the end of the ribbon to the back of the letter.
  3. Begin wrapping and hot glue when necessary (if there’s a weird gap in the ribbon that won’t stay down, etc.)
  4. Depending on your letter, the ends or some turns may have weird corners. Use the wire part of the ribbon to fold it around the corners and then glue it down once you have a pretty fold that covers the cardboard.
  5. Continue wrapping and gluing until it’s wrapped up.
  6. Figure out where you’d like to put the adornments (clip on flower or whatever you choose to add) and put that in place.

If you want to hang the ribbon, hot glue two strips of ribbon to the back and tie in a bow up at the very top. There you go! Simple wrapped cardboard letter!

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