New CameraLately, I’ve had more how-to blog posts and plan to continue writing those. But this is more of a life update.

It was a big weekend in the Peterson house! Last weekend, we finally decided on what chairs to get for our dining room and ordered my first DSLR camera. I was expecting the camera to get here on Saturday and the chairs would arrive Tuesday night. Saturday afternoon, I took Trudy (the doggy) with me to check the mailbox (it’s down the street a bit). On our way back to the house, a big truck parked on the street and started unloading four huge boxes. The chairs arrived early! We started unpacking the boxes and Mike put all eight chairs together (we have two extras for when we add the second leaf).


We found our dining room table at West Elm and ordered it online in the fall of last year. It arrived with a scratch on the top and some on the sides, so they replaced it for us – but it was back ordered. It finally arrived this winter. I originally liked the idea of ghost chairs, but Mike wasn’t sold on the idea. I searched for some other options and it took me forever to narrow it down. Our house isn’t rustic at all, and that’s pretty much what’s in right now. It took a while to find the perfect chairs for our house and style. Once I narrowed it down, it was clear these were the ones for us! The back legs are angled perfectly and work well with the shape of our table. And we love the gray color, too.

While we were waiting to figure out the chair situation, we were using some pink fold-up chairs I had since college. Two of them are missing one end cap for a leg, so they were a little wobbly. We were pretty pumped to upgrade to legit adulting chairs.


After setting up the chairs, an hour or so later, my camera arrived!

Why I Want a Nice Camera

I’ve wanted a nice camera since my junior year in college, when I almost went to Rwanda, Africa for a May seminar. Story time: I was initially accepted for the trip. Then, after a few meetings with the group, the leaders realized how bad my Tourette’s were at the time. I don’t have coprolalia, the type of Tourette’s Syndrome when people swear uncontrollably. But I do have loud noises and some words (“yeah”, “bye”, and “rawr” – yes, like a dinosaur). They come unexpectedly and can be startling. Since many people in Rwanda have PTSD, they feared it could be startling and could be difficult for them to understand what was going on with me. So, I was very kindly asked not to go. Although it was difficult to deal with personally, I completely understood.

Anyway, when I first was planning on going, I wanted to get a nice camera for the trip so I could take some good photos. I mean, how often would I get to go to Africa?! Since I didn’t have a need for it, I decided it wasn’t the time to purchase one. I’ve still always wanted a nice camera, but there were always other things to save for or purchase that were more important. Now, we’re in a good place and could finally get a nice camera for me and our family!

I have a lot to learn. I’ve been watching how-tos & tutorials on YouTube all weekend. I’m having a lot of fun practicing around the house, but realize I should have used this weekend to clean, so I could take more photos I want to post haha. I ended up posting a few cat photos on my Instagram – and one of the new dining room. Looking forward to sharing better and better photos there and on my blog as I learn.

Even though we didn’t do much this weekend, I still feel like it was a big one. We can check one more room off the list to complete (almost, we still have a canvas to hang in there, but that’s it!) and after many years of having a camera on my wish list, it’s finally here!

Some photos I took of Carmie & Bill




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  1. Margot Peterson:Peterson Portraits – Margot Peterson
    March 6, 2016

    […] I mentioned in my last post, I recently got a new camera! I’ve been taking some photos this week, trying to figure out […]

  2. Johanna
    March 6, 2016

    I love your dining table, and the new chairs are a wonderful choice to go with it! I totally understand wanting a nice camera … just wish I had the photography skills to go with one.

    • Margot Peterson
      March 6, 2016

      Thanks, Johanna! I’m definitely learning a ton already about my camera, but have a long way to go! Hoping my plan to blog more will force me to learn some photo skills along with it :)

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