As I mentioned in my last post, I recently got a new camera! I’ve been taking some photos this week, trying to figure out manual settings to get a clear, focused picture. So far, my subjects have been the animals haha. It’s a short blog today, but here are some of the photos that are semi-decent (for the first week owning a legit camera – no judgements, please)!

Carmella Peterson Portrait

Carm in her cat tree.

Tigger Peterson Portrait

Spicy Tigger (I thought this one was more in focus than it turned out to be).


Trudy Peterson Portrait

Trudy is a wiggle butt, – not a super great angle and this was as clear as it got.


Bill Peterson Portrait

Pretty proud of this shot! Might need to be lightened a bit, but decent.

Hope to get more photos of some crafts, home decor, and other interesting things to include in some planned blog posts! More coming soon…

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