Although Valentine’s Day has come and gone, I still want to share this story. Here’s what I think makes the best gift!


Mike is an awesome gift-giver. He’s attentive and has an amazing memory. So, this means – when it comes time to picking out gifts for holidays, he remembers something I mentioned months ago. Me? I have the memory of a fly (I’m assuming they have terrible memories). Picking out the perfect gift for Mike is difficult because: 1. he doesn’t have an Amazon wish list haha. 2. he likes video games but buys all the ones he wants when they come out. 3. we don’t like to add clutter to the house. 4. he likes/needs tools, but I have no idea about what kind he needs/wants. The pressure is on for getting something useful and meaningful. This year for Christmas, Mike knew I wanted a blue tooth speaker, so even though I found one in a cute color – he searched online to find the best one (rated, quality, etc.) and I’m so happy he did! It was super thoughtful and he put a lot of time into it because he knew I would love it.

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

For Valentine’s Day, I had to step up my game because he did so well with my Christmas gift. What I got him/did was not as awesome as a blue tooth speaker – but I think it was meaningful and he appreciated that. I also might be exhaggerating when I say it’s the best “Valentine’s Day Gift”. It’s not super romantic or a huge public gesture of love. But for Mike, he views love as actions – doing something meaningful. And that’s what I think the best gift is. It doesn’t have to be insanely expensive. It just has to have love and meaning behind it. So whatever you get your significant other for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, their Birthday or any other reason – that’s what (I think) makes a gift the best gift.

Storytime: when we started dating, he went through a phase where he never wore the same socks twice. Yes, it’s wasteful, but he liked having an organized sock drawer and the feeling of super fresh (never been worn before) socks. Since then, he’s moved on from that habit, but his sock drawer was a mess of mismatched socks, He always said he wants to throw them all away and start over with one brand of socks and stick with that so they always match.

That’s what I gave Mike for Valentine’s Day: brand new socks in an organized drawer!

Before organizing the sock drawer…

Sock Drawer_Valentine's Day Gift_Before

After organizing the sock drawer…

 Sock Drawer_Valentine's Day Gift_After

What was the best gift you’ve given or received? Comment below!

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