This year, I found Ruth Soukup’s website/blog and love all of her home, finance, life, and everything tips! She has a new book, Unstuffed, coming out soon (I’ll talk about that more in a future post). There’s also a 10 day Unstuffed Challenge I just started. Today’s the first day and she talks about creating a vision for your home.

Everyone has a different view of what they want their house to be, how they want people to feel when they visit, and what they use their house for. Some people want a traditional home, others like ornate decor and want people to be impressed, and some want people to feel like it’s their home away from home.

Some of the takeaways I got from the first day’s challenge was this:

“Our homes are an open and honest reflection on our state of mind.”

“Do whatever it takes to make it feel that way”(the way your envision).

Here is my vision for our home.

What is your decorating style/what do you want it to be?

  • Neutral taupe with calming accent colors like navy blue, deep purple, gray, and light blue.
  • Modern but comfortable and cozy.
  • Clutter-free with strategically-placed decor.
  • Clean lines, flowers, simple patterns.

A lot of homes and decor on Instagram are white and gray – all white walls, white sofas, gray pillows, white cabinets, etc. They also have a “farmhouse” feel or have older furniture painted neutral or crazy colors. Our house is not that house. Our house is contemporary and taupe. I need to remember that when comparing

How do you want your home to feel? What do you want people to describe your home as?

  • Organized
  • Clean/neat
  • Modern

All of these, but still comfortable, warm, and inviting

How do you use your home?

  • Relaxation (Netflix/Hulu/HBO marathons)
  • Hosting dinner and movie nights
  • Sleep
  • Exercise (sometimes) :)

What’s one change you can make?

Have a spot for everything in the house. We’re working on this but aren’t quite there yet. Hopefully, we unstuff the house by the end of this summer and then we relax :)

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