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In Ruth‘s Day 3 challenge, it focused on kids and getting them involved in decluttering. While I think that’s a great thing to do, we don’t have kids, so I gave Trudy (our dog) and the cats a pep talk about leaving their toys everywhere. They stared at me and went about their regular day.

Don’t over schedule

Day 4 challenge is to take a look at your schedule and think about the consequences of saying yes too often – and to delete one thing from our activities this week.

This is a tougher one. I tend to do really well with having a schedule and knowing what’s coming up – and to not overdo/overbook myself where I’ll be overwhelmed. In college, I would break commitments to hang out with friends pretty often – which was a pretty terrible thing to do. I was in a depression funk, so that is partially why I was the way I was – but it still doesn’t excuse being a bad friend. Now, I am pretty choosy about what I commit to. This week, I have three commitments after work.

That’s not too overwhelming, so instead of deleting something I will not add anything else to the schedule this week.

Keeping some nights to ourselves, for regular chores, and relaxing is something we’re pretty good at and enjoy. I think we’ll have some relaxing evenings this week!

Do you say “yes” to too many activities? What can you delete from your schedule this week?

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  1. This Girl Wears Jeans
    March 21, 2016

    I think we all know the problem of saying yes to much… However I am now better in saying no than earlier I still do say yes too often. Love Lonneke

    • Margot Peterson
      March 21, 2016

      Hey Lonneke! So glad to hear you’re working on finding a balance :) Thanks for the comment!

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