First, thanks for stopping by! This is the second post in my series about adulting. If you missed the first one, take some time to see how you can finally organize your bathroom for the last time.

There comes a point in the transition from young adult to legit adult when you realize a variety of truths. One of my biggest realizations was this: you can’t stay up until 3 a.m. on a Tuesday and expect to function as a human on Wednesday. I’ll talk about more of these truths in a later post. Another truth of mine is I’m not a morning person and I’ve accepted that fact. But it doesn’t give me a good excuse for being unorganized in the mornings. Work starts (for me) around 8ish. As a non-morning person, the most difficult part of my day is the beginning of it. 

I recently signed up for Ruth Soukup’s Best Year Ever email series and one of them covered morning routines. Honestly, before this, I didn’t know “morning routines” were a thing. I thought people just got up and did stuff and then went to work. I didn’t think of it as something to plan out. So, with an open mind and need to minimize chaos in my mornings, I went through the worksheet she made and actually thought about the things I’d like to do in the mornings and wrote them down. 

3 things to do when you create your morning routine

  1. Make a list of what you need to do in the morning
  2. Revise that list and narrow it down to something manageable
  3. Make the most of your nights (prepare ahead of time) – I’ll talk more about this next week

In my quest for more information about morning routines, I read an article that listed 22 things to do in the mornings – and each of the 22 things had sublists of their own. Talk about overwhelming! So, I didn’t pay attention to that one and thought – instead of adding more to the to-do list, it’s better to think about what is important to you – and narrow it down. Is it making sure the laundry is done and put away? Or do you prefer making coffee, reading or journaling for a few moments? 

No matter what’s on your list, make sure you allow enough time so your morning routine doesn’t feel overwhelming.

Side note: remember – the earlier you go to sleep, the earlier you can wake up to make the most of your mornings and start the day feeling accomplished and organized. This is a tough one for me, but every time I go to bed at a decent time, the morning is that much easier.

This is my morning routine

My Morning Routine

  • Alarm goes off
  • Feed Trudy (our dog – Mike lets her out in the morning because he wakes up first) *the cats have bulk food dishes that I fill when they get empty
  • Shower & get ready
  • Make the bed
  • Laundry: either fold/put away a load from that night or throw a load of laundry in the wash and set the timer to start an hour before I come home from work that night
  • Get my lunch from the kitchen
  • Put on coat/shoes and get my purse and keys
  • Put Trudy in her kennel and say goodbye to all the animals!
  • Leave for work

It’s honestly very simple and may not seem like much. But before I wrote it down, I was all over the place, literally running from room to room doing stuff in an order that wasn’t efficient and ended up wasting time. My morning goals are simple because my night time routine takes care of a lot of things and prepares me for the next day.

Come back next week and find out what how I use a night time routine so my mornings aren’t so sucky.

What does your morning routine look like? Comment below!

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6 Comments On This Topic
  1. Johanna
    April 2, 2016

    I tend to have a very slapdash morning and could definitely benefit from a morning routine. I struggle with early mornings and getting myself out the door for work. You’re right–having a morning routine is definitely part of being a well-functioning adult. BTW, Margot, I featured your first post in this series–the post on bathroom organization–on my recent post on March blog posts: http://www.sweetmysteriousfeast.com/2016/04/march-favorite-blog-posts.html

    • Margot Peterson
      April 2, 2016

      So glad you found this helpful! And wow- thank you so much for featuring my series and post! I really appreciate it :) Do you have Twitter or Instagram?

      • Johanna
        April 2, 2016

        Unfortunately, I’m still figuring out the best uses of my limited time right now. I have a personal Instagram but not one for my blog. I do have a Pinterest acct.

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