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We’re halfway to the end of this blog series! Today’s topic is about night time routines. Last week, I covered why I think morning routines are a wonderful thing, check it out and then come back here to get the low-down on night time.

When I was going through the things I wanted to accomplish in the morning, I realized my list was really long. I also know I’m not a morning person and didn’t want to get up earlier than absolutely necessary. I found some of the things on my list helped me prepare to check off other things. So, I moved those to my night time routine.

If you started putting together your own morning routine, take a look at it and see if you can do some things the night before to help you prepare to tackle your morning list.

I don’t consider my regular “to-do’s” as part of my night time routine. So dinner, relaxing after work, doing some organizing, working out (if I can pep talk myself into that), and other stuff that happens right after work is just regular life – and changes depending on the day. My night time routine just consists of that – a routine. It’s the list of things I try to do every night to make my mornings less sucky.

My night time routine

1. Do the dishes and wipe down the counters


Yes, I try and do this every night. It doesn’t always happen, but there’s something magical about waking up to a clean kitchen. I didn’t know the feeling until recently and it’s the best feeling ever.

2. Make lunch for tomorrow


I work full time, so unless I have time to go home for lunch (which might be once or twice per week), I get everything ready and either put it in the fridge or in my bag (if it doesn’t need to be chilled). In the mornings, I can barely make decisions let alone rational (and healthy) ones. Packing it the night before gives me time to make something and I don’t have to rush in the morning.

3. Laundry


I throw a load of laundry in the wash right before bed. In the morning, I’ll take the load out and put it in the dryer. If we have more laundry to do in the morning, I’ll put another load in the washer and set the timer to start about an hour before I come home. 

First – I apologize to my college roommates. I used to put laundry off as long as possible and then I would have to do laundry for days to catch up. It was awful, took up way too much space on the floor, and kept me at a consistent state of disarray and chaos. Do I still put laundry off? Sometimes. I’m not perfect. But trying to stick with this nightly routine has helped cut laundry to a few minutes each day instead of having to dedicate a full day or so to doing laundry when I’d rather be doing something else with my weekends.

4. Pick out clothes for tomorrow


I know it sounds like something you might have done when you were younger, but I don’t know why this habit ever stopped! Again… not a morning person. I don’t have all my brain cells kicking at the crack of dawn. When I don’t have to think about what I’m going to wear, I save so much time and struggle. After I pick everything out, I put it on top of my dresser so it’s in one spot.

That’s it!

These four things make life easier in the mornings. I read a quote recently that said: “Not planning ahead is planning to fail”. Usually, I’m not a big “quotes” person, but that one is so true.

If you help yourself out at night by doing some simple prep for the next day, your mornings will be less stressful and you can take more time for the things you want to achieve in your morning routine.

Do you have a night time routine? What can you do to help make your mornings easier? Put your tips in the comments below!

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