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If you are a kid who somehow found my blog, please do not read any further. There are some sad and difficult things you shouldn’t need to know until you are an adult. For the sake of your youth, do not read any more!

Also, I am not a doctor and I want to make sure you do not take my tips as medical advice. Please talk with your doctor before starting a new food lifestyle. For me, it’s harder to maintain staying at my lower weight than it is to go on a diet and lose the pounds again. So that’s where I’m at right now – trying to lose the last couple pounds and maintaining it for good this time.

Throughout the last few years, I’ve had to face some tough truths. The first was realizing…

1. Pizza isn’t for breakfast

If you haven’t come to this realization yet, I am sorry I’m the first to break the news to you. But it’s true. Just as Santa isn’t a real guy who lives up north and your parents are actually the Tooth Fairy (and not in the cool Fairly Oddparents way)… Pizza isn’t for breakfast.

As adults get older, our bodies don’t react to food like they used to. There was once a time when I could eat ice cream, a full box of Kraft Mac N’ Cheese, and Bagel Bites after school and my BMI still considered me underweight. As I got older, my body decided it found a spot for all that food – and it was my butt. And then came the roller coaster of eating healthy, getting to my goal weight, and then celebrating… by eating all the Pizza.

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Eventually, I came to the conclusion that eating all the foods once I got to my goal weight wasn’t helping. I needed to get on the healthy train for good. Yes, I get to eat delicious pizza and ice cream every once and awhile, but I’m trying to not make it an everyday habit.

2. Diet coke doesn’t cancel out cake

In high school, my friends and I joked when we were eating something terrible (but delicious), if you had a diet coke, the zero calorie drink would magically cancel out the other calories. Unfortunately, the world isn’t magical. I know this because I’m 27 and still waiting for my acceptance letter to Hogwarts.

3. Cleaning your house doesn’t mean you just worked out

I used to be super active when I was younger, but in my adulthood, I’ve become more and more like a bowl of Jell-o. It’s easy to talk myself into the thought that just because I’m not binge watching Netflix and did some housework, that means I don’t have to work out. Cleaning the house just means you are a living person. Exercise is supposed to do things for your body you don’t get out of your regular life. I’m still figuring out how to get and stay motivated to work out on a somewhat regular basis. Eating healthier is way easier for me than doing a thirty-minute workout. But, I’ll need to face the truth and writing this, I think, is part of the first step!

What are some truths you face as you get older? Leave your comments below!

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