My best friend, Katie and I hosted a baby shower for our bestie, Kirsten! It was “Ahoy! It’s a Boy!” nautical themed. Katie and I had a lot of fun putting this together (thank the Lord for Pinterest, too!). We had such a great time celebrating Kirsten and her baby boy (who we are so excited to meet)!

Here’s a photo blog of the party!




Wreath: made it out of a foam wreath circle, navy and white ribbon, rope, recycled paper anchor shape, yellow paint, white string, and a whole lot of hot glue! It was a fun DIY project and was fun to give to Kirsten after the party.


The first party Mike and I hosted at our house was for his brother’s engagement party. I stringed balloons in our kitchen and kept the nails on the wall so I could do that for all our parties. It’s a super easy way to get color in the room and not spend a ton of money on helium!

MCM_0555 - Copy

I love this chalkboard and change out the sayings pretty regularly.

MCM_0519 - Copy

The fireplace is one of my favorite places to decorate. The banner is from Cardmint, a shop on Etsy. We bought the invitations from there as well. The wooden sailboat is from Target and was a really cute decoration I gave to Kirsten for the nursery.


I saw this phrase on Pinterest and thought it was so perfect to write on my chalkboard. I’ve had the blue vase for years and haven’t had a good use for it lately. The nautical theme was a perfect reason to bring it out again and I had some extra rope from the wreath project.


I got this chalkboard on sale at Michael’s a month or so ago (the link is for the black chalkboard, but this one is navy). It was the perfect size to label the gifts area and I reused it on my side table with a new phrase after the party.


Katie picked up these beautiful daisies from Hornbacher’s. We were in the grocery store together and passed the flower section and looked at each other with the “should we?!” look. haha We didn’t find any ones we liked at the first store, and she was going to make a trip to the other grocery store anyway and came back with these – the perfect color! They really livened up the room.


This was a fun and easy project. I got the idea from Etsy and thought I could do a DIY version. The canvas is from Michael’s, the anchor is from JoAnn Fabrics and I used fabric paint for the letters. This was also a gift for baby :)



To go along with the nautical theme, we found some great fishy snacks! Fishbait (gummy worms), sharks (gummy sharks), and fish (Swedish fish).

MCM_0512 (2)

Shark Teeth = cheese and crackers and Seaweed = grapes on skewers. It’s weird how much more apt I am to eat grapes when they’re already taken off the vine. Note to my future self – take them off right away and then you will actually eat them!


Octopus bites! I loved this when I saw it on Pinterest and it was so easy to do! I cut the top off a green pepper and then cut two slices so I had two rings. Then I cut the rings into fourths for the tentacles. Put the big piece upside down on the dip and there ya go!


Viking Punch: to be honest, we didn’t know to name this. So Viking Punch it is! It’s made from frozen apple and raspberry juice, diet 7-up, and strawberry sherbet. Yum!


Ocean water is just blue raspberry lemonade (the powder kind you mix with water). It’s pretty delicious and went well with the theme!


Kirsten’s favorite cake is red velvet, so she had a surprise when she cut into it! We saw a cake that looked like this on Pinterest. It was red, white, and blue and so we just changed it to yellow to fit the party colors. We got the cake from Hornbacher’s (our local grocery store) and they did an awesome job!



Katie put together games, and I didn’t have time to snap a photo of all of them :(. The first was “how many fish in the sea” where you guessed how many Swedish fish were in a jar (there were 93). The other was Scategories which was so much fun. This was the station where you could write a message in a bottle to the family. Katie did an awesome job putting these together and everyone had a great time!

Baby? Showered!


We had so much fun getting ready for the day and celebrating with our bestie! This little boy is so loved!

When we were planning the party, I fell in love with the nautical theme. The case and rope will be on my mantel for a while and the candles and rope have found a home on my dining table. 

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