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Nail Polish Hack

Every couple months, I go in spurts of painting my nails once a week. By the last couple days, my nail polish is cracked, chipped, or completely gone. It’s especially difficult to keep them looking nice after cleaning day. Hours of scrubbing showers, tubs, submerged in water doing the dishes, and using cleaning products does some damage.

Recently, I had a sleepover (yes, as an adult, with my friends, IRL). And my bestie, Candice, told me about how she makes her nail polish last a week (5-7 days). She uses a special base coat, but I tried it with my regular base coat nail polish this week, and it worked for me! It goes like this…

How to Keep Your Nail Polish Alive for a Week

  • Put a base coat on and let it dry completely. No cheating!
  • Put on your first coat of nail polish and let it dry completely. Seriously – completely dry.
  • Put another base coat on (trust me) and let it dry. All the way.
  • Put your second coat of nail polish on and let it dry. For realzies. It can’t be wet. Don’t smudge it!
  • Finish it off with a top coat! (Obviously let it dry).

Lots of layers and dry time

I didn’t promise it was going to be a quick trick. It does take time and you’re kind of useless just sitting there literally watching paint dry. But – taking the time to let the layers dry in between coats and using a base coat again before your second nail polish color coat is the trick!

Does it really last?

Sure does! First of all, I think taking photos of hands is super awkward. I spent way too long figuring out how to hold the camera and get a somewhat decent in-focus shot. haha but here’s a photo that shows my nail polish is still there!

Nail Polish Tips

I painted them last Saturday and it is now Friday night. I also cleaned my the house on Sunday without gloves (I used cleaners), did dishes during the week, took hot showers, and have done regular clean-up and chores. Overall, I’m super happy they still look decent and am so glad I learned this!

Just follow the steps above and you’ll be like…

Nails Bear

How do you keep your nail polish from surviving cleaning day and the week? Comment below!

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