Following the theme from last year, we’re celebrating our two-year anniversary today!

States we set foot in

  • North Dakota (surprising)
  • Minnesota (20 minutes away)
  • Did we go anywhere else this year? I don’t think so… About to go to Illinois together again in a few weeks!

Shows we watched together

  • Game of Thrones (of course)
  • Catfish (binge-watched)
  • The Librarians
  • Second Chance (so good!)
  • Brooklyn Nine Nine

Things we did

  • Celebrated Mike’s brother’s wedding and 5 or so other weddings (three more to go this year!)
  • Hosted parties like Mike’s brother’s engagement party, Halloween, and a “Man Shower”
  • Got settled into our house (did some grown up things like buy a dining room table and chairs and couches for the basement)
  • Mike set up his “man cave”
  • I started crafting and blogging a little more regularly
  • Went on a first annual couples cabin weekend with a bunch of friends this summer
    • I celebrated my golden birthday and Mike surprised me with a champagne toast on the pontoon!

Looking back

I’m excited to watch our wedding video later tonight and look back at our photos.

Thank you to everyone who helped make our wedding day and second year of marriage so special!

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