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Have you ever been so overwhelmed with things to do around the house you don’t do anything at all? The situation gets worse, anxiety builds, and the metaphorical paralysis continues. No? Just me?

For the past several months, I’ve been trying out different cleaning routines to find the one that works for me so I can keep our home in a livable state. Finding a routine I can stick to is a difficult task. By no means am I an expert in cleaning (ha!) but I find cleaning routines are a helpful way to get motivated and stay focused.

What works for one person or family may not work for another. Personalities, schedules, and so much more affects what will or won’t work for someone when it comes to cleaning routines.

Some of the cleaning routines I’ll review are:

  • Zone Cleaning
  • Weekly Routines
  • The Weekend Warrior
  • Monthly Cleaning Routines
  • Seasonal Cleaning Lists

I think each routines can work for the right type of person. You might find a combination of a few of these might be your answer. But I don’t recommend starting them all at once – that would be extremely overwhelming.

In this upcoming series, I’ll review what each of these cleaning routines is, the pros and cons, and what to consider if you want to start the specific routine. Make sure to subscribe to emails so you don’t miss a post! Don’t worry, I don’t like spam so I won’t send you any.

What type of cleaning routine do you use? Comment below! 

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