Many people use a combination of a weekly cleaning routine and daily tasks in order to keep up on cleaning tasks that need to be done on a regular basis. This type of routine is good for people who would rather spend a small amount of time each day cleaning one thing rather than spending a full day or two (or three) cleaning their whole house.

Daily tasks

These will vary based on your personal preferences. Some examples of daily tasks are wiping the kitchen countertops, wiping the bathroom countertops, laundry, and picking up the clutter that accumulates throughout the day. Take a look at my morning and night routines to get an idea of what you can add to your daily task list!

Weekly tasks

I attempted to follow the CleanMama.net’s Weekly Cleaning Routine. Her routine is this:

  • Mondays – bathrooms
  • Tuesdays – dust
  • Wednesdays – vacuum
  • Thursdays – wash floors
  • Fridays – catch up day
  • Saturdays – wash sheets, towels, and windows
  • Sunday – relax!

My experience

I first decided to start her cleaning routine on a Tuesday, so I already missed a day. But, decided it’s better to start dusting and get to the bathrooms over the weekend. Dusting was pretty easy and quick.

Wednesdays, I vacuumed the family room furniture, which was so needed. With three cats and one dog, things get furry pretty quickly. Because of the animals, I usually will vacuum the hardwood floors when I vacuum the carpet since there’s so much it’s easier to do that than sweep. But once I vacuum the hardwood, it’s best to mop it right away. If I waited until the next day, there would already be some fur on the floor.

Thursday, instead of mopping, I cleaned the guest bathroom upstairs to catch up on Monday’s task.

Friday, my husband was out of town for a friend’s bachelor party, so I decided to clean a lot that night. I did a bunch of laundry, cleaned almost everything in our bedroom and deodorized the carpet, cleaned our master bedroom, cleaned the appliances in the kitchen, washed some windows, cleaned out the laundry room, and probably a few more things.

Saturday, I cleaned up some more and hung out with a friend.

If I were to continue a weekly routine, I would modify the tasks to this:

  • Mondays – dust. Mondays are usually busy days and dusting doesn’t take very long.
  • Tuesdays – bathrooms
  • Wednesdays – Vacuum and mop upstairs
  • Thursdays – Vacuum downstairs
  • Fridays – just daily tasks
  • Saturdays – sheets and towels and everything you missed throughout the week

Pros/Cons of a weekly task list

  • You have small tasks to achieve each day
  • It keeps your house at a consistent level of clean
  • It doesn’t take a long time to clean the house each day rather than spending one day cleaning the whole thing
  • You can modify the routine to suit your home and schedule

  • If you miss a day you can feel behind
  • Your schedule may not be the same each week, so you might need to be flexible on what tasks happen on which day

Try Weekly Tasks – Free Printables


If you want to start using a Weekly Cleaning routine, here are some handy free printables to help you get started.

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What I learned

Overall, I didn’t quite follow the “stick to a few things each day” rule. I think naturally, I like to spend a day or parts of the weekend cleaning the whole house and then do my morning and night routines during the week in order to keep the house under control. I liked doing some of the tasks like vacuuming and moping in the middle of the week though and might continue some of the weekly/daily tasks.

Do you follow a weekly cleaning routine? Do you use a daily task list? How do you keep your house clean? Comment below!

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