My friend, Amanda, started a Facebook group with a photo challenge. Each weekend, she’s going to pick a topic for each day in the week ahead. If you need to mix around the days and topics, that’s just fine. I am excited to do this for a couple reasons. I got a decent camera last year and look forward to having a reason to use it each day and learn more about how to take good photos and edit them. I’m going to start a subscription to Photoshot and Lightroom, and this will (again) give me a reason to use it and learn more.

The first week started Sunday, Jan. 1. Here are the topics and the photos I took for each one:



It was getting late and I didn’t have a lot of time to figure out a photo for the first day, so I took a photo of Trudy, my dog. Her happiness is the best.

Changing perspective


Each year we get an ornament and this one is from 2012. I think it might have been the first Christmas Mike and I lived together. I also love how Carmie, the cat, is in the background and the silver ornament on the bottom shows the whole family room. I don’t think in 2012 I could have imagined how our life would be this year. I’m sure I’ll look back at photos from this year in the future and think the same thing.

Black and White


I like to look at #cleankitchenatnight on Instagram for inspiration to clean. After getting stuck in my driveway for about 30 minutes because of the snow, I made a legit dinner but didn’t want to clean up. But then I did. Partially because I needed a black and white photo for the day and partially because I knew I would feel so much better afterward.



This was about all the motion I could muster at the end of this day. Carmella was cozy in clean laundry.



Does anyone else’s hot water accidentally turn into Swiss Miss?



Turbo, my ‘lil PT Cruiser, didn’t want to start this week. After an hour at night after work attempting to revive her, a new battery the next day and another hour, she got towed to get fixed. When she arrived, she decided to start working again. Oh, and after a scan, they found nothing wrong.

Self Portrait


I used my remote shutter for the first time! This is my cat, Tigger (Tigs), who is 10 this year!

Here’s the list for next week’s photos:

  • Food
  • The color blue
  • Habit or routine
  • Look for light
  • Reflections
  • Wood
  • Words

Feel free to join in the photo fun!

What kinds of things do you do to keep your creativity going? What are things you like taking photos of? Comment below! 

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