The second week has come and gone and I’m finally posting them here! This year, I joined my friend’s Facebook group. Every Sunday, she posts a new list for the week of seven things to take a photo of. Here’s the list for the second week of January 2017 and my photos for each:

The color blue


I got a two-quart dutch oven for Christmas and made six loaves of bread during the weekend!

Habit or Routine

I try to make my bed every morning (emphasis on try). It makes me feel accomplished when I do!

Look for Light

I took this photo of our dining room right before the sunset. Just in time!


This is me in the reflection of my fireplace. Honestly, this photo doesn’t really feel like something I would like anymore. Maybe when I was in college haha but I think I’m a lot less dramatic and emotional now.


This is a photo of the mirror in our hallway. Mike liked it so much when we were looking at the house, we added it to the offer. They said yes, and now it’s ours!


This is some foaming soap my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and I made. It’s the last one left! I should make some more soon.

What are some photos you’ve taken lately? What’s your favorite kinds of photos to take? Comment below and stay tuned for Week 3 to post soon! 

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